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Hi there! I'm Jae Philon CEO of Jaes Tax Service. Providing a virtual experience during these unprecedented times we are all experiencing. With the financial struggles we all faced, I had to make it my mission as a single mother of two, to build something that will be in their favor and will never parish. A need based business was all I thought of and Jaes Virtual Tax Service was created. Now we are here to be of service to you virtually at your convenience and safety.

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Bronze Plan

Starting at $175

Silver Plan

Starting at $230

  • Up to 3 W2s
  • Individual
  • No dependents
  • $25 for each additional document (1098s, W2s, ect)
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  • Contractors
  • Married file separately
  • Up to 2 1099's
  • No dependents
  • $25 for each additional document (1099s, 1098s ect)

Starting at $350

Starting at $575

Platinum Plan

Gold Plan

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  • HOH/Married
  • Dependents
  • Up to 2 W2s
  • $25 for each addition document (W2s, 1098s, ect)
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  • Business Owners
  • Stock/forex Traders
  • 1099s/W2s
  • $25 for each additional document (1099s, 1098s ect)

Consultation Plan

Starting at $35

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  • 15-30min initial session
  • $25 for additional 15mins
  • $50 Tax Estimates
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